Cost Saving Cleaning Protocols Your Gym Should Be Using

Cost Saving Cleaning Protocols Your Gym Should Be Using


What should be used to clean and disinfect?

The one element that is becoming a high-cost issue during recent months is using disinfectant to "clean" everything. This is simply a waste of money. The best first step in gyms' health and safety is to first clean with a cleaner. Cleaners such as our EcoCleanFit Naturesol is cost-effective, where a concentrated gallon can make up to 30 gallons of multi-use cleaning solution for all your non-porous surfaces, from everything from the gym mats and equipment to your restroom floors. Using microfiber cleaning cloths, which itself pick up 95% plus of germs from surfaces, will create near sanitary conditions without expensive disinfectants.

Are we saying don't use disinfectants such as our PureGreen24? Of course not, but understanding that cleaning, which is always required before and more frequently, will eliminate the high and often overkill use of disinfectants on your gym surfaces, which means significant cost savings for your gym.


How do I disinfect surfaces?

Only after doing a thorough cleaning of surfaces should you disinfect areas often touched by your gym members. Save your disinfectant use for the "high" touch areas and educate your gym staff and members with the proper method (which again requires a microfiber cloth to wipe down surfaces because of its unparalleled ability to pick up microbes is second to none). For larger areas, less disinfecting is needed as you will be sanitizing more than disinfecting, as there is no need to disinfect a whole gym facility completely. Larger areas can be disinfected and/or sanitized as needed with a microfiber bucketless mop system, a microfiber wall cleaning system, or a steam cleaner like the Vapamore products.


How frequently should facilities be cleaned?

As stated earlier, it is important to clean as much as possible with a multi-use cleaning solution with microfiber as that will remove and lower germs, dirt, grime, and other contaminants. Twice a day, general cleaning is a minimum for large areas, and after every activity in a space and or gym equipment used by a gym member, these should be cleaned every hour or two by the gym staff. Again, this allows less disinfectant use as surfaces will already be cleaned and sanitized, allowing disinfectant use to be more efficient in disinfecting clean surfaces.