Microfiber Cleaning Products

EcoCleanFit, as an advocate of eco-friendly solutions, promotes the use of all microfiber applications for cleaning and disinfecting non-porous and porous surfaces for best results. 


Benefits of using EcoCleanFit™ microfiber products

Boost Cleaning Abilities- Microfiber cleans more effectively with the ability to get into micro areas where the common cotton or paper products are unable since each microfiber strand is 1% of the diameter of a human hair.

Reduce Business Costs- Microfiber use about 10-20 times less liquid than general cotton based cloths, reducing business costs of obtaining cleaning and disinfecting products, eliminates repeated wiping, and can be reused by simply washing up to 500 times (*Wash only with other microfibers*). 

Creates Efficiencies- Using microfiber creates efficiency and cost savings for health & fitness facilities and others in that microfiber simply picks up contaminants better and quicker. Cotton-based cloths and paper towel products simply move around dirt and other contaminants while leaving remnants, causing more time to clean. 

A Time Saver- Your time is of value. No need to keep rinsing in a rinse bucket and dipping it into a solution bucket like cotton mops. Simply use the cleaning or disinfecting solution and replace pads after every 3,000 square feet or so, depending on the cleaning required. 

Lowers Cross Contamination- Simply change out the dirty pads with a clean pad when moving from one area or room to another, eliminating the cross-contamination seen with cotton-based cloths and pads. Separate by colors to eliminate cross-contamination use. 

Decreases Employee Injury- EcoCleanFit™ microfiber mops weigh significantly less than traditional cotton loop mops, making the microfiber mops easier to use for individuals.